J.P. Morgan chooses QoWood

J.P. Morgan chooses QoWood for their Business Resource Group annual panel “Adelante”.

October 2015, QoWood, with three other recent and successful companies, was selected for the annual panel, at JP Morgan European Headquarters in Cannary Wharf, London.

The founders briefly presented their successful projects to an audience of more than 300 people.

The audience was inspired, listening from the speakers the reasons and secrets of their success, as well as their challenges and difficult moments. Their individual stories highlighted the key behaviours that foster their success and enable them to overcome career challenges.

They answered questions from the audience, creating an interesting debate with different opinions.

After the panel, JP Morgan offered a cocktail and networking reception in the main hall of their Headquarters building.


JP Morgan introducing Entrepreneurs speakers.


Juan Manuel Gomez, founder of QoWood, speaking about QoWood Furniture.


The speakers with Karen Pepper, JP Morgan Moderator (right)